7 Ideas for Transforming an Extra Room

Saturday Jan 16th, 2021


Much like petits fours at the end of a delicious meal, an extra room can often sweeten the deal when deciding on a property to add to your portfolio. Whether for business, in the case of a home office, or pleasure via a home theater, make the most of the extra square footage by introducing one of these additions to your home.


For the Socializer: The Keeping Room

The name “keeping room” comes from the Colonial era when homes were smaller in size, and many families “kept” warm by huddling around a home’s single fireplace. Today, this transitional space is experiencing something of a resurgence, but modern counterparts are less concerned with necessity and are more focused on practicality and comfort. The keeping room is typically a smaller, more casual living room adjoined to the kitchen, designed as a place where guests can relax after dinner. To outfit a cozy keeping room, layer tactile fabrics that can withstand everyday wear. In true colonial fashion, nix the television in favour of a warm fireplace to keep the conversation sparking.

For the Athlete: The Home Gym

When it comes to accomplishing your fitness goals, a chilly morning can deter even the most dedicated. Whether or not you live in a cooler climate, a home gym is ideal for those with a busy schedule or who find traditional gyms too crowded. A proper fitness studio should feel bright and energizing. A spacious main-level room with plenty of natural light will both facilitate movement while keeping motivation levels high during workouts. Keep ventilation in mind when selecting a space for your regimen; consider installing ceiling and box fans to promote circulation and keep cool during high-intensity training sessions.


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