Home Staging - A Critical Success Factor

Monday Jun 05th, 2023


In today’s very competitive real estate market, not only are homes selling for higher prices, but there is also a buyer’s market with more options for buyers.

Home staging is more important today than ever before for maximizing the price achieved for the sale of a home. Professional staging is critical to preparing a home for sale. A professionally staged home greatly improves the home’s cosmetic appearance and has a great impact on showing the home to potential buyers. A home that is professionally staged will attract more buyers, provide visual appeal, show the full potential of the home, and help buyers to emotionally engage with the home. Potential buyers may see the home through the lens of how a home is professionally staged; this could mean the difference between a buyer making an offer or walking away with no offer.

Studies have revealed the power of professional home staging for the sale of a home. According to several studies, professionally staged homes spend 72% less time on the market, sell 20% faster than homes that are not staged, and can increase a home’s sale price by 6%-17%. Potential buyers may be more likely to make an offer on a home that is professionally staged, as it breaks down perceived defects of the home and presents a warm and inviting atmosphere. Staging a home for sale should not be taken lightly, as this can be the difference between several thousand dollars for the sale of a home.

The cost of having a professional stager will be less than the additional profit gained from the sale of the home. Professional realtors may be able to provide advice on the best staging companies to use to make the most of the home’s potential. Professional stagers may employ various tactics such as optimizing the use of space, bringing in attractive furniture, and decorating with modern pieces to best attract potential buyers.

Home staging is a critical part of making a successful home sale. Professional staging can make the difference between homes asking and received prices. Homes professionally staged tend to sell faster, bring more money for the transaction, and provide greater positions in the eyes of potential buyers. A home should always be staged to increase the benefits of a successful sale.

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